Mental health webinar

The importance of mental health has become especially apparent over the last few years, but it can be difficult to help someone, or yourself, when you can’t identify the state of mental health you are facing. Join EWHA and Mental Health Clinician and Consultant, Gerard Tan, for a free webinar focusing on The Mental Health Continuum model.

The Mental Health Continuum model describes a range of mental health states, from languishing to flourishing and emphasises that mental health is dynamic, presenting mental health difficulties as normative shifts between states. This will assist you in recognising why someone is struggling and identify strategies in their wellbeing, whether it is in the home, workplace, or broader community.

Gerard is a Mental Health Clinician/Consultant with Partners in Wellbeing at NGIV, part of the Victorian Government’s support package for businesses. With over 20 years’ experience across family services, out-of-home care and mental health, he has a keen appreciation of the mental health benefits of engaging with nature and the roles that horticulture and gardening play, as well as the stresses that all those involved with small businesses face in the current climate of restrictions and economic uncertainty.


This webinar is free and open to everyone

Zoom link will be sent upon registration

Contact person is Bec 0423912718

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Photo courtesy of Gerard Tan

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