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Support for women in Horticulture

In 2020, as another way to engage with our organisations purpose, EWHA created two new annual grants which will benefit a small business and a horticulture apprentice each year.

This year EWHA have changed what is on offer. If you are an apprentice, you are now eligable for the Dawn Fleming Student Scholarship and the Small Business Grant amount has been increased! We think these changes reflect the current postion of the industry and hope that it offers extra support.

If you have a small busniess within the horticulture industry and wish to apply for the Small Business Grant you will find details below.

Please note that applications close on 30th April 2024. Applications will be assessed and the winners announced in Winter.

The Small Business Grant is in part funded by Membership fees, if you are not a member of EWHA and would like to support initiatives like this, you can take this opportunity to join EWHA. The membership application form can be found here.

Small Business Grant

The Small Business Grant, to the value of $1000.00, is for business investment such as tools or website development, and professional development like short courses, to help further the member’s experience and progress in the industry.

Small business is defined as a business with less than 20 people or a sole trader.

*Horticulture business or gardening business includes, but is not limited to: garden maintenance, garden/landscape designer, market gardener, retail garden centre owner, nursery owner, seller of garden products.

Any business outside of these sectors will be determined by the EWHA committee.

Application Criteria

The Successful Applicant:

  • Must have worked in *horticulture or a gardening business  for a minimum of six months.
  • Must include a description of their business experience.
  • Must clearly state on the application why she requires the assistance and what she will use it for.
  • Will provide any supporting documents to confirm her eligibility as required.
  • Will provide details in support of her application, that may include certificates, written references, written feedback, awards, prizes, photos, testimonials, newspaper articles (copies only).
  • Must describe how she intends to use the assistance (e.g. tools and/or short course/s).
  • Is to spend the assistance within the financial year it is given.
  • The assistance is only for applicants working within Australia.
  •  Will not be eligible to apply in future years.
  • The successful applicant must agree to partake in EWHA promotional activities as required such as agreeing to have her photo taken, any media coverage, assisting with online articles and/or testimonials.

Application Form

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