2024 Small Business Grant Winner

Zoe Hibberson

EWHA is pleased to announce the winner of the 2024 Small Business Grant is Zoe Hibberson of Gardens of Omagh

“Oh, my goodness!  What can I possibly say but ’thank you, thank you, thank you’.

Friday afternoon.  I had just packed up and climbed back into my van, after a long day on site.  Filthy dirty (and quite a bit hungry) and checking my usual mountain of emails and messages before beginning the peak-hour drive home.

What a thrill to receive this award!  I will admit to doing a bit of a fist pump and a YEEESSSSS! as I drove down Warrigal Road!

To be recognised by EWHA with this award further reinforces my ‘mid-life’ decision that to follow my passions and to take the leap into horticulture and a female-led small business is definitely the right one.

I intend to use the Grant money to assist for my annual Vectorworks software membership” -Zoe Hibberson

Winner of the 2020 inaugural Small Business Grant, Suzanne Gearing

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