Tour of Attila and Michele Kapitany’s succulent garden

Our visit to the renowned dry-tolerant garden of Attila & Michele Kapitany in Narre Warren North was a resounding success. Set on an acre, the garden slopes down to a lake, with winding paths traversing the slope, leading us past a cornucopia of different succulents, to different vistas, seating and lawned areas. Although Attila led the tour, he emphasised Michele’s equal partnership in making and maintaining this garden which has become their life’s work.

Attila pointed out particular plants of note, such as the Aeonium tabuliforme (Dinner Plate Aeonium), as well as describing the importance of finding the right micro climate for various species.

Attendees then had an opportunity to purchase plants and the Kapitanys’ books and wander at their leisure.

On behalf of all present Committee member Lubana Squire thanked the Kapitanys for opening their amazing garden on a weekend and generously sharing their knowledge with our group.

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