MIFGS 2023: Teva Nook by Clair Derwort

Describe your garden in 5 words

Cottage, traditional, floral, timeless and romantic.

Which plant was the hero of your garden and why?

Dame Judi Dench Rose. It was a new release 2022 David Austin rose and a stunning colour that accentuated the purples and pinks in my display without losing its own value. It’s fragrance notes are delicious and it tied the modern and historical elements of my garden together. It was a gentle nod to the late Queen whilst alcohol celebrated my own personal favourite flower.

What was an obstacle you had to overcome and how did you do it?

Travel to and from where I live was unexpectedly hard and I learnt a lot about myself through this. It was also the first time in a decade spending substantial time away from my children. It was like finding myself again after motherhood and chasing my own dreams. All easier said than done as I’m sure other Mums’ can relate. I the other obstacle was growing my plants as we had flooding in the months prior and 90% of my plants were grown at home.

What piece of feedback will you always remember?

Michael McCoy acknowledging my dedication and care to the way I arranged the Clematis on the dome and the feedback from the general public about being able to recreate elements of my garden in their own gardens.

The stage is yours, what do you want to say?

The achievable gardens was so much more than an opportunity to share and showcase my design and work with others. I made lifelong friendships and was able to really challenge myself in so many ways. It has really reinforced my why for being in the horticultural industry and has me excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. It was a privilege to be able to participate and I hope others can see through our gardens the opportunities this industry has. Anything is possible.

Photos supplied by Clair Derwort

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