Event Highlight: Haars Nursery and Ball Australia tour

First stop was Haars Nursery, truly such an interesting place to visit, and our EWHA’ers love a behind the scenes tour!

Our group was welcomed and shown around this extensive plant growing facility. Many questions were answered and Haars even provided a cuppa and snack, on this cold autumn day. We couldn’t ask for more and we’re so appreciative of the time and effort Haars took to host us all. A special thank you to Kylie, Ruby, Anita, Emily and the whole team at Haars!


Stop two of EWHA’s self-drive nursery tour was Ball Australia’s site in Skye. Ball, a fourth-generation family-owned business, was founded in the US in 1905 and is currently led by Susannah Ball in Chicago. With operations spanning across 20 countries, Ball breeds, researches, develops, supplies, and distributes plants worldwide.

During our visit to the Ball Australia facility, our group had the opportunity to explore various areas. We started at the seed room, where an impressive collection of seed stock is stored. We learned about the application of liquid fertilizers to a large quantity of stock through a sophisticated irrigation system. Witnessing teams of individuals filling trays with fresh potting medium and planting delicate dianthus stock was truly fascinating. Finally, we were guided through temperature and light-controlled poly houses until we reached the distribution department. This is where millions of Ball plant babies begin their journey to be grown by numerous growers.

Visiting Ball was an incredible experience that showcased their dedication to horticulture in Australia. EWHA is immensely grateful for the warm hospitality extended by the entire team at Ball, especially Kate, Emily, and Bin.

Special thanks to the committee members, Rosemary Ulph and Lubana Squire, for organizing this event for EWHA.

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