Noelle Weatherley awarded the Order of Australia Medal, 2019

We have great pleasure in announcing that Noelle Weatherley, one of our life members has been honoured with an Order of Australia in the Australia Day 2019 Honours list. We congratulate her for such justly deserved recognition.

Along with Dawn Fleming, Noelle was one of the founding members of EWHA over 11 years ago. She was the Secretary of EWHA from 2007 to 2015 when she retired from the Committee. In 2016 Noelle was made a Life Member of EWHA. This was in recognition of her tireless work for women in Horticulture through her contribution to our organisation.

During that time Noelle provided invaluable support to Dawn and various members of the Committee over the years. Through her experience as a Horticulturist and Garden Writer, Noelle brought extensive knowledge of the industry, the players in it and how to manage an organisation such as EWHA. She ensured that EWHA grew, remained valid and provided purpose for its existence: an organisation that encourages, represents and recognises women in Horticulture. 

Noelle Weatherley pruning

Over this time Noelle saw many faces come and go on the Committee but she remained a steadfast and solid pillar for the group. A mentor to many on the Committee (past and present), she was always available to answer questions, to provide sage advice, to give a different perspective and to share her insights, unconditionally. To this day, Noelle still contributes to Encouraging Women in Horticulture in this way, despite no longer being involved with the Committee, in particular through mentoring some of our members. Without Noelle’s involvement, Encouraging Women in Horticulture would not be where it is today.

On behalf of the membership of EWHA (past and present) we sincerely thank Noelle Weatherley for her support of women in the industry and wholeheartedly congratulate her on receiving her Order of Australia Medal (2019) for her service to Horticulture.

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