Event Highlight: Garden & Art – A Visit to Heide MoMA

There was a very enthusiastic response to our first event for 2019, our garden tour and lunch at Heide Museum of Modern Art on Sunday 17th February. Interest in the event was so high we, unfortunately, had to turn people away! Our large group was split into two and was ably assisted by two of Heide’s Volunteer Guides who showed us the various garden areas which artists John and Sunday Reed established and tended from the 1930s up until the 1980s. Surrounding the original house (Heide 1) there is a kitchen garden, walled and wild garden. Down the hill near their second house is the larger kitchen garden which Sunday Reed cared for until she died in 1981.

Greeted by Volunteer Guide at the Entrance to Heide MoMa (photo courtesy of Emma Groot)
Splitting the group in two for our Volunteer Guides (photo courtesy of Emma Groot)
In the midst of the Heide I Kitchen Gardens (photo courtesy of Emma Groot)
More beautiful garden. (Photo courtesy of Emma Groot)
The Heart of the Garden (photo courtesy of Emma Groot)
Outside the front of Heide I (photo courtesy of Emma Groot)
More of the garden area at Heide I (photo courtesy of Yvonne Green)
One of the first trees planted by the Reed’s. The ground was so hard they had to use dynamite! (Photo courtesy of Emma Groot)
Touring the grounds of Heide MoMA (photo courtesy of Yvonne Green)
A perfect day (photo courtesy of Yvonne Green)

There are many protected trees on the site: some of the 1000 Eucalypts which were planted are still standing, as are a row of Osage Orange trees (Maclura pomifera). We also learnt much about the modernist architecture on the site, particularly the Reeds’ second house which they had as much involvement in designing as the Architect, David McGlashan. The tour indicated how the Reeds’ approach to their art influenced all areas of their life: architecture, literature and the natural world. Following the tour we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Café Heide while reconnecting with old friends and meeting many of the new faces who came along to share the day with us and find out more about the Heide legacy.

One half of the group in gardens near Heide II with Volunteer Tour Guide (photo courtesy of Yvonne Green)
Inside Heide II MoMA (photo courtesy of Yvonne Green)
View from inside Heide II MoMA (Photo courtesy of Yvonne Green)
Lunch at Cafe Heide (photo courtesy of Yvonne Green)
More of the group enjoying lunch at Cafe Heide (photo courtesy of Yvonne Green)
A group shot (photo courtesy of Tricia Saunders)

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