Event Highlight: Sustainable Floristry Event 2021

On Monday the 8th of November 2021 we had the pleasure of being hosted by Scott Slykerman at Chrysco flowers, for a fantastic tour of their nursery. Started in 1984 when Cor and Garda Slykerman, who migrated to Australia from the Netherlands, noted a gap in the market of flowers.

In 2008 they started with a new growing method that increased their yields by 40% and also increased how environmentally friendly their processes were. Everything is in-house, their only inputs are substrate, gas electricity and labour.

19 staff work together to process 130000 cuttings a week! Producing 21 thousand bunches of flowers plus potted stock a week.

After our tour we were given the most wonderful tutorial in sustainable floristry from Rita Feldmann. With years of exciting in all facets of floristry, Rita advocates for sustainable floristry, using no floral foam and “grown not flown” locally produced, slow flower stock. Check out her initiatives via her Instagram and her organisation the @sustainablefloristry network.

Many thanks to Scott and the whole team at Chrysco, Rita and of course all attendees.

This event was sponsored by Thrive Flowers and Events.

Our events, as always are produced for our members by our volunteer members.



people standing under the grand Wisteria Archway

Scott from Chrysco speaks to attendees about the growing process

People standing under the grand Wisteria Archway
Scott explains the propagation process to attendees
Two women admiring the The Perennial Border Garden

Scott describes the packing process

people sitting around a rock table listening to the guide

Scott shows attendees the harvesting process

people sitting around a rock table listening to the guide

Rita’s demonstration

Tour of the Alowyn Gardens gardens

Attendees bunching their flowers

A pile of vegetables

Attendees working together to make a beautiful floral display

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