Morning Tea & Gardener’s Talk at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Friday 16th March 2018

We welcomed a large group of women to our morning tea at the RBG Melbourne on Friday 16th March. Members and new-comers were able to connect over coffee and some delicious donuts and slices at the Jardin Tan Kiosk. Soon after, we were treated to a talk by the CEO, Professor Tim Entwisle who described some of the projects which are in the pipeline, such as the restoration of the telescope building and the new Herbarium.   EWHA member and RBG Guide, Jenni Eaton and fellow Guide, Lea Levy, then took us on a walk through the Children’s Garden before we joined Therese Turner, Team Leader, Horticulture South, who talked about the Australian Forest Walk section of the gardens. We met some of the grand giants of the forest, marveling at their size, bark and beauty. Therese was also able to give an insight into the challenges of managing such a collection. We all came away with an enhanced appreciation of the botanical treasure found in our Royal Botanic Gardens”.


Bark of an Agathis robusta

Looking up through the canopy is of a Eucalyptus citriodora

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