MIFGS 2024: An Aussie Escape by Taylah Priestley

Taylah won Bronze with her design

Describe your garden in 5 words






Which plant was the hero of your garden?

The hero of my garden was the beautiful Eucalyptus Polyanthemos ‘Red Box’ Tree. With its circular shaped leaves and beautiful colours of red, blue and green it was a very eye catching plant and received many compliments throughout the show.

What was an obstacle you to overcome? And how did you do it? 

An obstacle I had to overcome was having to unfortunately swap the trees I originally wanted in my garden as they were unavailable. However, this worked in my favour and the different trees I picked I felt made the garden even better! 

What piece of feedback will you always remember? 

During the show I had many compliments from people about my garden which I am so incredibly grateful for. One piece of feedback that stood out to me was when a few people said my garden looked so welcoming! Which is exactly what I wanted to achieve with my garden, a space that was inviting but  also full of plant life and a practical space to use as well. 

The stage is yours what do you want to say? 

The MIFGS experience was one that I will never forget! After being thrown in the deep end only having 6 weeks to design and plan my garden from start to finish I am so proud of what I have achieved. I am so grateful for the opportunity and I learnt so much from the experience. It really opened up my eyes into what you can achieve in your own backyard. 

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