Event highlight: Tour of Alowyn Gardens & Lunch

On a cloudy Saturday, 27th March, a great bunch of us visited Alowyn Gardens in the Yarra Valley for a tour and lunch. Having been on our committee’s agenda to host an event there for years, we were thankful to be welcomed by Prue Van de Linde. Purchased by the current owners Prue and John in the 90’s, the property had for 20 years prior been a horse stud.

Today after many years of hard work (rejuvenating the soil and ridding many weeds) the 7 acres of garden, comprises multiple areas through which to wander, each telling its own story. Of particular significance was a beautiful stone table known affectionately as ‘Aslan’s table’. Surrounded by resurrected power poles, salvaged from the infrastructure upgrade after the Black Saturday fires (which came within 300m of Alowyn Gardens before thankfully changing course).

As stated on their website:  “The purpose of the gardens at “Alowyn” is to provide an informative and educational experience for anyone interested not only in gardening, but also the enjoyment of a beautiful garden.” Education seems to be at the fore with plant labels visible in abundance and great effort being made to educate through their plant nursery and creative workshops, that are offered seasonally. Alowyn also boasts a cafe and hosts special events.

Thanks to Prue for your hospitality, and to all our attendees for joining us.

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people standing under the grand Wisteria Archway

Under the grand Wisteria Archway

People standing under the grand Wisteria Archway
Parterre Garden to the left
Two women admiring the The Perennial Border Garden
The Perennial Border Garden
people sitting around a rock table listening to the guide
people sitting around a rock table listening to the guide
Tour of the Alowyn Gardens gardens
A pile of vegetables

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