Event Highlight: Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre Tour

The Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre with Steven Wells and Sandra Schwarz event sold out in record time and we were treated to a very special afternoon. Steven took us through the intentional design and the history of the main garden. The main features being it is visually interesting and sensory (smell, touch and see), extremely low maintenance without an irrigation system and it has a number of seating areas in different aspects. Being able to choose where and how you spend your time in the garden is important. We also saw some of the smaller gardens around the centre including the edible garden.

The horticultural therapy program is structured individually for participants and runs in a room adjoining the garden. It focuses on propagating and potting up plants at a table (particularly succulents due to their robust nature) and this allows everyone to be at the same physical level when working together. If you would like to donate to the program, please go to https://www.austin.org.au/support-us/  and place a note in the comments section that it is for the gardens / HT program. 



Sandra is a regular volunteer and she shared with us how she cares for the garden with duties such as filling up the bird baths with fresh water and ensuring all the paths are clear and accessible. She has a special interest in restorative spaces for well-being and shared with us her journey to where she is now – she is writing a book about therapeutic landscapes! You can follow her on Instagram @human_nature_scapes

The afternoon concluded with a lovely afternoon tea at Fairfield Boathouse.

Event planned by: @planandplantgardens @emma_louise_herd & Rosemary Ulph
Words by: @planandplantgardens
Photos by: @annan_homestead
Thanks to all involved.


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