Small Business & Apprenticeship Grants

In 2020, as a way of supporting our female members, EWHA has created two new annual grants which will benefit a small business member and an apprentice member each year.

The Small Business Grant, to the value of $500.00, is for expenditure on garden tools and/or a short course/s to help further the member’s experience and progress in the industry.
(For these purposes “small business” is defined as employing less than 20 employees and applicants may be employers or employees).

The Apprenticeship Grant, to the value of $500.00, is intended to assist with general expenses associated with living and studying as an apprentice.

If you are a financial member and wish to apply for one of these grants, you will find details here:

Small Business Grant Application Form

Apprenticeship Grant Application Form

Grant Criteria

Please note that applications close on 31st July 2020.
Applications will be assessed and the winners announced in August prior to the presentations at our AGM on 26th August 2020.

If you are not a member of EWHA, you can take this opportunity to join EWHA and apply for the grants. Membership applications forms can be found here. (Non-financial members can also rejoin by renewing their memberships accordingly.)