Circular Food and Fawkner Northern Memorial Park Wednesday 5th July 2017

An unusual combination of places to visit brought out 17 attendees on a cold Winter morning.   The first tour was to see “industrial” vermiculture in action through the endeavours of  CEO & Founder, Steve Morriss and his team at Circular Foods, where organic food waste is recycled into high quality organic fertiliser: Big Bio.  Aside from reducing the amount of food waste that ends up in landfill and the non-use of chemicals to create fertilisers for our gardens, Circular Food also provide education and training so you can learn how to do this yourself.

The second tour was of the Fawkner Northern Memorial Park, part of the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust.  There, Senior Supervisor – Horticulturalist, Helen Linehan talked about the Living Legacy Integrated Memorials where Science, Nature, Technology, Community and Reforestation come together to create a natural legacy that becomes a living memorial of loved ones.

A huge thank you to both organisations for their time and generosity, providing us with morning tea, lunch and samples of their products.   This will be a tour that EWHA will repeat at a future date owing to high interest.

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