Edible Weeds Tour, Friday 28th April 2017

A large group joined Doris Pozzi, our Weeds Guru, at her property at Badgers Creek in the Yarra Valley, to hear her words of wisdom on all things WEEDS.  We learnt about “fat hens”, dandelions, the humble milk thistle and a myriad of other common garden varieties. People were madly jotting notes  as Doris described their benefits, toxicities and edible qualities. Doris took us on a tour of her large property which included the guinea pig enclosure (her lawn mowers!), an orchard and woodland area.  As a bonus we learned about the sawdust Doris uses as her path mulch and her secrets to keeping her citrus trees looking so healthy.  Attendees were even wanting to know when the next tour would be on!

For those who could stay, we enjoyed a lovely meal at the Healesville Hotel in front of an open fire, sharing our experiences and stories.

EWHA are grateful to Doris for spreading her knowledge and hope that at some time in the future we can include this very popular  tour on our calendar again.