Basic CMYK

President Emma Herd  (Horticulturalist and Landscape Architect)
Vice President Rosemary Ulph (Garden Designer)
Josephine Mifsud (Horticulture Student)
Treasurer Simon Trebilcock

Ordinary Committee Members

Carol Jordon

Bec Bennett

Kaye Roberts-Palmer (Committee Member in 2019/2020) shares her experience of being a new general committee member:

I really liked the idea of the Encouraging Women in Horticulture Association (EWHA) as there wasn’t a lot geared towards supporting women. I enjoyed several events that EWHA had organised and was surprised by the amount of interesting places to visit. After attending the AGM in 2019 I decided to help out as a general committee member and have organised my first event. I’m also collaborating on awards, website content, and attending events in an official capacity. I really encourage others to join up to be a general committee member and get involved so that we can grow and strengthen our EWHA.

Committee Position Descriptions:


Vice President



Ordinary Committee Member


Patron Dawn Fleming (Fleming Nurseries)